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Harness Class

Experience the thrill of airborne excellence in our Harness Jump Class, exclusively tailored for figure skaters. Safely harnessed, athletes will elevate their air position using a bungee harness and motorized spinner. With expert guidance from our Skate Canada certified coach, you'll refine your technique and unlock new levels of artistry. This class runs concurrently with Jump Classes, offering seamless integration of skill development and artistic expression. 


Dance class 

Elevate your figure skating with our various Dance Class. This program enhances core strength, balance, and body control. It helps to improve flexibility, expression and develop musicality for performances on the ice. This program will consist of different types of dance elements, such as ballet, Chinese dance, lyrical and so on. 


Strength & Conditioning

Our specialized Strength and Conditioning program focus on building strength and cardio for the athletes using circuits as well as plyometrics exercises to enhance the athlete's abilities for element development on ice. The program will also guide you through targeted exercises to improve joint mobility, flexibility, and injuries prevention. 


Jump Class

Our dynamic Jump class is led by experienced coaches, this class focuses on refining jump techniques and developing off-ice rotation skills. Enhance your jump execution, timing, and rotational power through comprehensive drills. We also focus on building core strength, improve body control, and enhance rotational speed. Jump classes will run concurrently with Harness classes.


 Facility Rental

Fitness room: $150/hour + HST
Dance room: $50/hour + HST 

Private coaching is available upon request; please send an inquiry to

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